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Retiree Health & Welfare Plan – Eligibility

Who is Eligible


You are eligible for retiree benefits if you have retired under a collective bargaining agreement with District Lodge 190 and

  1. are receiving benefits from the Automotive Industries Pension Fund or IAM National Plan, or
  2. are at least 55 years of age

Coverage begins upon proper self-payment on the date you begin receipt of pension payments from a Qualified Pension Plan.  If you do not wish your coverage to begin on this date, you must apply at a later date.  In this case, coverage would begin on the first day of the month after proper application is made to the Trust Fund Office.  Application for Non-Medicare plans may be made at any time after you are eligible.  Medicare retirees should take note of the Part A and Part B enrollment requirement and the timeframes for enrolling in Part A and Part B.


If YOU qualify for benefits, the following dependents may be covered:

  1. Your spouse or domestic partner
  2. Your unmarried children dependent on you for support, including:
    • Natural children
    • Adopted children from the date of placement
    • Stepchildren
    • Foster children
    • Other children living with you

You can cover children up to age 19 (or to age 23, if full-time students at accredited educational institutions and dependent on you for at least half of their support)

Note: Kaiser will not cover foster children. This includes a foster child who (1) is claimed as an income tax deduction by the retiree, (2) solely dependent on the retiree for support, and (3) lives in the retiree’s home.

Dependents become eligible under the plan at the same time you become eligible, or on the date the dependent is acquired, if later.  If you and your spouse/eligible dependent(s) elect coverage and become eligible under the plan, but you later die, surviving spouse and/or eligible dependent child benefits will continue after your death.  Coverage may be suspended for a spouse if the spouse becomes employed or covered under another health and welfare program; coverage will be resumed under this plan when the other coverage terminates.  The spouse’s coverage will terminate permanently on the date of remarriage.

Class 2 Participants

Class 2 employees who have participated in the Automotive Industries Welfare Fund may be eligible for retiree benefits under the Trust Fund, without any subsidy, based on the following requirements:

  1. The participant was an active Class 2 Employee in the Automotive Industries Welfare Fund with at least 5 years of consecutive coverage immediately prior to retirement.
  2. The participant has attained age 60.