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Active Health & Welfare – Eligibility & Enrollment

Eligibility & Enrollment

Contract Employees and Owners who work with the tools of the trade (Class 1):  Employees working under a bargaining agreement between an employer and a participating union, as well as employees of a participating union or administrative office.  Owners who work with the tools of the trade and have a bargaining agreement with a participating union shall be treated as a Class 1 employee and subject to all the rules applicable for Class 1 employees.

Non-Contract Employees (Class 2): Employees not working under a bargaining agreement, who work at their employer’s principle place of business and who receive compensation for work an average of 30 hours per week (or 130 hours per month).

Dependents: If YOU qualify for benefits, the following dependents are covered at no charge to you:

Your legal spouse or domestic partner (as defined by the Plan);

A Dependent Child is anyone who has one of the relationships with the Employee listed below, who are under the age of 26 (whether married or unmarried): natural children, stepchildren, legally adopted children and a child named as an “alternate recipient” under a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO) who are less than 26 years of age (21 for life insurance). In addition, children of an eligible Domestic Partner, children for which you have been made the legally appointed guardian who is less than 26 years of age (21 for life insurance). Lastly, disabled children who are age 26 years or older, continue to be eligible for coverage regardless of age if they are incapable of self-supporting employment because of a mental or physical disability that was present prior to age 26 and are declared by the Employee as their dependent for Federal Income Tax purposes (but only to age 21 for life insurance).

The Trust Fund Office must be notified in the event you acquire a new family member, such as through marriage or the birth of a child, to establish dependent coverage.  To enroll your newly acquired family member, you must complete an enrollment form.  You can find the Enrollment forms in the Plan Documents & Forms section of this website.

Please note that the Plan will request Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates and any other relevant documentation at the time of initial enrollment or when additions are made.

Ineligible Dependents: A spouse of a Dependent Child (e.g. son-in-law/daughter-in-law), or child of a Dependent Child (e.g. Employee’s grandchild) are not eligible for coverage under the Plan.

For rules regarding Class 1 and Class 2 employees and all new hires, please refer to the Medical Plan and related Enrollment Guide your employer has negotiated with your union.  You can find the Enrollment Guides in the Plan Documents & Forms section of this website.

If you have questions, contact the Trust Fund Office at (800) 635-3105.