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Individual Account Retirement Plan – Reciprocity

The Board of Trustees has recognized other plans in the automotive or related industries as “Related Plans” (contact the Fund Office for a listing of Related Plans). Years of service credited under a Related Plan is recognized by the Individual Account Retirement Plan as Related Credited Service.  Related Credited Service and Individual Account Retirement Plan Credited Service is combined (“Combined Credited Service”) to determine whether you are vested, incur a Break in Service, or are eligible for a Normal, Early Retirement or Disability Pension under this Plan.

In order to be entitled to benefits under this Plan based on the use of Related Credited Service, you must have at least two years of Individual Account Retirement Plan Credited Service.

The Related Plan and use of Related Credited Service only apply to Participants who retire after the plan is recognized by the Board of Trustees as a Related Plan.

The Board of Trustees may also recognize “Unrelated Credited Service” in the same manner as “Related Credited Service” for Participants who perform work of the same type recognized by the Individual Account Retirement Plan, but covered under another collective bargaining agreement providing for contributions to another collectively bargained plan within one of the following Thirteen Western States. For more information, please contact the Fund Office.

Thirteen Western States
Alaska Hawaii New Mexico Wyoming
Arizona Idaho Oregon
California Montana Utah
Colorado Nevada Washington