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M.J. Day – Death Benefit

In the event of your death, any remaining balance in your Account will be distributed as a death benefit. The “death benefit” will only be paid after any expenses incurred before your death are paid.

After notice and satisfactory proof of your death has been provided to the Trust Fund Office and the payment of all eligible expenses incurred before your death are paid (plus any Account expense charges), any remaining Account balance (the death benefit) will be distributed to the following person or persons listed on file with the Plan according to this order:

  • surviving spouse, or if none,
  • tax eligible domestic partner, or if none,
  • to the surviving children in equal shares.

After 180 days, your Account will be forfeited if your surviving dependents (noted above) cannot be identified and located after a reasonable effort has been made to do so.

The provision outlined above applies whether you die during active employment or when you are a covered retiree.