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Active Health & Welfare – FAQs

Is My Family Covered?

Yes, your covered dependents are your lawful spouse, unmarried dependent children, or your qualifying Domestic Partner under the terms of the plan of benefits of the Fund.

When is Open Enrollment?

You may change your election at any time, but no more than once in a twelve (12) month period.

Remember: this rule applies even if you change your place of employment. However, you will be permitted to change medical plans, if you move outside your HMO’s service area, even if you were not enrolled in that HMO for 12 months.

When a change is made, an anniversary date for that election is established. This anniversary date will be used to determine when future changes may be allowed.

Am I Eligible for Life Insurance Benefits?

Group Life Insurance benefits are available to employees and their dependents of participating employers who have a collective bargaining agreement which provides this coverage and are otherwise eligible for the Health and Welfare Benefit Plan.

How Can Divorced or Widowed Spouses Keep Their Coverage

A federal law, know as COBRA, requires that this group health plan offer employed participants and their eligible dependents the opportunity to temporarily continue health covered under certain circumstances called “Qualifying Events”, in which health coverage would previously have been terminated. The death of a covered employee may, under normal circumstances, be a Qualifying Event for the surviving spouse.

What Kind of Coverage is Available Under the Health Plan?

The Health Plan provides medical, dental, disability, prescription drug, vision and life insurance benefits for eligible participants and their eligible dependents whose collective bargaining agreements or subscriber agreements provided for such benefits.

Does the Health Plan Provide Disability Insurance?

Disability Plan benefits are available for eligible employees of participating employers who have an agreement to provide such benefits.

Does My Health Plan Pay for Name Brand Drugs?

Your prescription drug coverage will depend on the plan you are enrolled in.

What Are My Vision Care Benefits?

Whichever medical plan you choose, you may use VSP’s network of eye care professionals to receive exams, and purchase lenses and frames. HMOs also offer eye exams.

How Do I Enroll?

To enroll in any of the benefit plans provided by the Welfare Fund, you must complete the appropriate enrollment form(s) and submit them to the Fund Office.

What Are the Procedures for Adding New Dependents?

To enroll a newly acquired family member, you must promptly complete an enrollment form and submit it to the Fund Office.

How Do I File a Claim?

You and your provider of service must complete a medical claim form and submit it to the Fund Office with an itemized bill. You can obtain medical claim forms from your employer, union, or the Fund Office or you can download a copy from the Forms & Notices page of the website.