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M.J. Day – Participation and Eligibility

Retiree Participation

Participation in the Fund begins on the last day of the month in which a contributing employer first contributes to the Trust on your behalf.

Retiree Eligibility

You are eligible to receive benefits from your account after you meet the following conditions:

  • You are receiving retirement benefits from the Automotive Industries Pension Plan, the I.A.M. National Pension Fund or such other retirement Plans approved by the Board of Trustees;
  • You have a positive Account Balance; and
  • You have submitted a full and complete approved written application for benefits under the Plan.

If you think that the Plan has incorrect information about you and/or your dependents, contact the Trust Fund Office at (800) 635-3105 or your local union office.

Effective August 1, 2016, Retirees will not be eligible for reimbursement by the Plan during any month in which the Retiree performs covered work (regardless of whether fulltime or part-time).

Dependent Eligibility

A “dependent” for the purposes of this Individual Retiree Spending Account means any person who is your tax dependent as defined in Code Section 152 including your lawful spouse, tax qualified domestic partner and eligible dependent children up to age 26. Eligible dependent children includes natural children, stepchildren, adopted children (including children placed for adoption), children of domestic partners and children of divorced parents where either you or your ex-spouse have custody of the children for more than one-half of the calendar year and you work together with your ex-spouse to provide more than one-half of the child’s support for the calendar year.

Dependent also includes a Disabled Adult Child (meaning an unmarried Dependent Child age 26 and older who is permanently and totally disabled with a disability that existed prior to the attainment of the Plan’s age limit and who is eligible for tax-free coverage as a “qualifying child” or “qualifying relative” under the applicable requirements of Internal Revenue Code Section 152(c)or 152(d) or who will be claimed as a dependent on the retiree’s federal income tax return for each Plan Year for which coverage is provided.

Expenses incurred by a child who is the subject of a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMSCO) or a National Medical Child Support Order may be reimbursed under the Individual Retiree Spending Account even if the child does not otherwise meet the definition of a dependent” as described above.

Qualified Medical Child Support Orders (QMCSO)

In this Plan the term QMCSO is used and includes compliance with a National Medical Support Notice. According to federal law, a Qualified Medical Child Support Order is a judgment, decree or order (issued by a court or resulting from a state’s administrative proceeding) that creates or recognizes the rights of a child, also called the “alternate recipient” to receive benefits under a group health plan, typically the non­custodial parent’s plan. The QMCSO typically requires that the Plan recognize the child as a dependent even though the child may not meet the Plan’s definition of dependent. A QMCSO usually results from a divorce or legal separation and typically:

  • Designates one parent to pay for a child’s health coverage;
  • Indicates the name and last known address of the parent required to pay for the coverage and the name and mailing address of each child covered by the QMCSO;
  • Contains a reasonable description of the type of coverage to be provided under the designated parent’s health care plan or the manner in which such type of coverage is to be determined;
  • States the period for which the QMCSO applies; and
  • Identifies each health care plan to which the QMCSO applies.

Contact the Trust Fund Office at (800) 635-3105 for additional information (free of charge) regarding the procedures for administration of QMCSOs.