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Pension Plan – Applying for Retirement

Filing an Application

In order receive a benefit from the Pension Plan, you, your surviving spouse or eligible Dependent must complete and file an application with the Fund Office. In addition, you as a Participant must be retired before any pension benefit can be paid to you.

Applications may be requested from the Fund Office at the following address:

Automotive Industries Pension Plan
c/o Health Services & Benefit Administrators
4160 Dublin Boulevard, Suite 400
Dublin, CA 94568-7756
Telephone: (800) 635-3105

The Fund Office will provide the necessary application forms with instructions for completing them and information on what additional documents will be required.

As a Participant considering retirement, you should obtain and file your application in advance of what you want to be your Benefit Commencement Date.

Submitting Documents with an Application


When submitting your completed pension application, you should include a copy of your birth certificate or other acceptable proof of age document necessary to substantiate your date of birth. If you are married, your marriage certificate and spouse’s birth certificate are also required.

If You Are Applying for a Disability Benefit

If you are applying for a Disability Benefit, you will need to provide the Fund Office with a copy of your Social Security Award letter. This is the only document or evidence that the Fund will accept as proof that you are Totally Disabled.

If You Are or Have Been Divorced

If you were previously married and are now divorced, you will need to provide the Plan with a copy of your divorce decree and/or a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) so that the Fund will know whether your former spouse has a legal claim to any portion of your retirement benefit and, if so, how your retirement benefit is to be divided between you. More information concerning QDROs can be found in Qualified Domestic Relations Orders section of the Pension Summary Plan Description.